Vintage Radiators Reconditioning in Essex

Austin 7 Radiator with Hex Film Core

No car radiator is too damaged, or too worse for wear to be repaired or re-cored back to original specification.

True authenticity helps to ensure the value of your investment; it involves complex and bespoke construction of a vehicle's important focal point. Any age of car radiator can be reconditioned in our workshop, whether your radiator has a honeycomb type core or film block core it can restored by our skilled craftsmen.

If your radiator has a starting handle hole, don't worry, we can put these into the new core, whether it has a dummy hole or a "live wet box" it makes no different to us.

If your car is having problems with overheating, this can be due to various factors, core might be corroded and a build-up of deposits 

Jaguar SS100 Radiator with a Cellular film core

inside have restricted the water flow, incorrect dilution of anti-freeze, or incorrect specification of core for the vehicles requirements.

When re-coring vintage radiators, where possible we give you 2 options, original specification core or modern day core. A modern day core will give you more cooling and will be a higher specification than the original, mainly due to how the manufacturing and knowledge of core specification has evolved over the years. The cost saving in having a modern day core is normally around 30% to an original specification core, but as always, the choice is yours of the customer. If you require Vintage Radiator Reconditioning in Essex contact us.

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