Plant Radiator Reconditioning in Essex

Marine Radiator made to specification

With our experience over the years, we are able to provide our customers with extensive knowledge of radiator efficiency for your Agricultural, Commercial or Plant radiator.

At Colchester Radiator Specialists we are able to provide a test and report service free of charge to determine if your radiator is causing over heating problems, whether it's leaking or blocked.

We understand that time is money when machinery is involved; therefore we endeavour to complete the majority of jobs within 48 hours to keep down time to a minimum, enabling you to get back to work and earn a living. If you need Plant Radiator Reconditioning in Essex or surrounding area contact us.

We can repair or clean out car or commercial fuel tanks

  • Car Petrol Tanks and Diesel Tanks

If a fuel tank is corroded or rusty and filled with sediment
it can be defumed, cut open, shotblasted then patched back up.
This service is vital when replacement car fuel tanks are not available.

  • Commercial Fuel Tanks

Truck and coach diesel tanks can be repaired or cleaned out in
the same way. We cut holes in the tank between the baffles then
steam out the tank

  • New car fuel tanks

New vehicle fuel tanks can often be supplied

There are many causes for a fuel tank to leak - it may have been damaged, the spot rivets holding the baffles can come loose or it may just be old age

Most fuel tanks can be repaired

All tanks are pressure tested before being returned to the customer

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